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Don Jr. Blasted After Coming Up With Cringey New Meaning For 'LGBTQ' To Troll 'Your Favorite Lib Relative'

Don Jr. Blasted After Coming Up With Cringey New Meaning For 'LGBTQ' To Troll 'Your Favorite Lib Relative'
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. has a new meaning for the acronym "LGBTQ":

Let's Get Biden to Quit.

That's the phrase emblazoned in rainbow lettering on some of the newest additions to Trump Jr.'s clothing range.

He's advertising them on social media as the "perfect surprise for your favorite lib relative this Thanksgiving."

Trump Jr. has repeatedly posted links to his merchandise store in recent weeks. His latest push comes after WePay, a payment processor owned by JPMorgan Chase, cut ties with an event at which Trump Jr. was scheduled to appear.

The December 3 St. Charles, Missouri event, organized by the conservative Defense of Liberty political action committee, was canceled after WePay said the organization violated its terms.

The event was doomed.

Within WePay's terms and conditions is a clause that made it "unable to process for hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, the financial exploitation of a crime, or items or activities that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same."

WePay refunded $30,000 in payments already processed for the event.

Earlier this week, in another sign of financial trouble for the Trump family, The Wall Street Journalreported The Trump Organization reached an agreement to sell the rights to its marquee hotel in Washington, D.C. to CGI Merchant Group for $375 million.

With the Trumps hemorrhaging, it makes sense Trump Jr. would want to push his merchandise.

But social media users were not having it.

They criticized Trump Jr. for another puerile attack against President Joe Biden with a side of his usual homophobia and transphobia.

If he'd managed to make it racist as well he could have scored a Trump trifecta.

This isn't the first time Trump Jr. made headlines for targeting the LGBTQ community for political capital.

Over the summer, in a statement designed to denigrate his progressive opponents and the military, Trump Jr. claimed the United States armed forces failed to predict the Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan because its generals were "too busy" learning about critical race theory and gender identity.

Trump Jr.'s statement misconstrued remarks made by General Mark Milley, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before Republican members of Congress who'd claimed the military is indoctrinating troops by teaching critical race theory, a body of legal and academic scholarship that aims to examine how disparate racial outcomes have shaped public policy via often implicit social and institutional dynamics.

At the time, Milley noted critical race theory is taught at West Point because it's a college.