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'Dollar Tree Karen' Caught On Video Making Vile Anti-Gay Comments To Group Of Teen Boys

'Dollar Tree Karen' Caught On Video Making Vile Anti-Gay Comments To Group Of Teen Boys

A new viral TikTok video showed a middle-aged woman screaming homophobic insults at a group of teenagers in a Dollar Tree store in Jacksonville, Florida.

And no, she didn't have a mask on.

The clip was originally posted by TikTok user raysofsunhine, and then later posted to Reddit's PublicFreakout, a common home for clips capturing Karens as they launch into hateful rants in chain stores and parking lots far and wide.

The video—see below—began when the woman's anti-gay rant was already in full swing.

@raysofsunhine Exposing this hateful Karen and hopefully she gets the kind of attention she deserves. Jacksonville Florida. ##karenbusters ##karensoftiktok
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She first leaned into the face of a teenage boy and berated him with homophobic hatred.

"Are ya'll queer? What are you? You like it up your a**hole?"

After her rant only garnered some awkward laughter from the group of teenagers, she muttered a few more things difficult to understand.

As Karen began to leave the store, the teen behind the camera asked, "Are you okay?"

Karen simply attacked again.

"God damn back the f'k up, bitch!"

When one of the teens expressed concern Karen was about to go drive a car, Karen turned around, tried to pick a fight—WITH A MINOR—and then left again.

People on TikTok were outraged, but hardly shocked to see someone behave this way.






Over on Reddit, the comments were relentless—and rather creative.

"Bitch started speaking in cursive around 0:40 😂" -- Aesthetic_NW

"She peaked in high school" -- FEMA_Camp_Survivor

"I'm 44 and this is why I'm always polite to teenagers. The laughing disdain was powerful." -- JackPThatsMe

"1. She's abusing children. Those are someone's kids you're sh*tting on. Not a smart move, knucklehead."

"2. She's arguing with teenagers. You can never win that fight. You're just too old and dried up and it's clear your brain don't work well either." -- bloodahlia

A couple TikTok comments proposed the possibility the teens provoked Karen.


But the woman who posted the original video and witnessed the entire incident, refuted this hot take.

She explained in a few follow up videos.

@raysofsunhine Part two to Karen unhinged
♬ original sound - GBABY

If there is a universal checklist out there of all the chain stores where Karens have made their marks, we must be getting far down that list by now, right?