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Pro-Trump Washington Councilwoman Tearfully Rants After Husband Is Fired For Harassing Reporter

Pro-Trump Washington Councilwoman Tearfully Rants After Husband Is Fired For Harassing Reporter

Michelle Dawson, a pro-Trump councilwoman in Yacolt, Washington, recently went viral for the tearful rant. She posted her tearful diatribe after her husband was fired for harassing a journalist at the so-called "Million MAGA March" held in Washington DC following the election.

In the video, Dawson sobs and blames "antifa" for her husband, Jeremy Dawson, losing his job as a construction foreman. She charges his employer with "bend[ing] their knee to fascism."

Michelle has since deleted her video, but not before Twitter account @JaredPushner snagged a copy. The account intercut Michelle's video with footage of Jeremy's interaction with the journalist that resulted in his firing.

The account called for people to be the judge of Dawson's actions.

In her portion of the video, Michelle is heard acknowledging her husband could have handled himself better. But she downplays his choices in behavior, calling them simply "probably not my husband's best moment."

Boys will be boys and everyone makes mistakes so let's overlook his actions, right Michelle?

The footage of Jeremy, however, tells a different story. In the clips shown in, Jeremy was seen both verbally and physically assaulting Portland, Oregon reporter Laura Jedeed, calling her a "bitch" and a "maggot-a**" and stepping on her foot.

Jedeed repeatedly asked him to step back away from her. Jeremy refused.

Jeremy then issued a veiled threat to Jedeed.

"I can't wait to see you in the f'king lobby again."

Jedeed asked for clarification as to what will happen in the lobby, but Jeremy doesn't respond.

The video then cuts back to Michelle, who is weeping while decrying the supposed violence of antifa.

"Antifa should not be winning... They will ruin your life... I think the world needs to see the raw emotion of what antifa causes."

At no point did Jedeed threaten, curse at or come in voluntary physical contact with Jeremy Dawson—nor were any "antifa" around.

The video concludes with shots of Michelle Dawson weeping and saying she's afraid to get out of her car, cut with shots of her husband physically shoving Jedeed while taunting her and yelling in her face. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video did not garner much sympathy for the Dawsons.

People on Twitter were outraged.

And on Reddit, where the video was posted to PublicFreakout, people were similarly unsympathetic.

"Well what did we learn? Actions have consequences." --Cjohnso186102

"I have never smiled so much watching someone cry as I did with this video. F'k her. Hope she gets fired too." --jkbpttrsn

"Well he will just have to pick himself up by his bootstraps." --MC_ScattCatt

"The "fu*k your feelings" crowd sure loves whining like a bitch about their feelings." --tylrmhnn

"Bunch of f'king hypocritical morons. It's ok for them to call people names, cuss at people that don't agree with them, act abusive as fu*k but when they suffer the consequences of their abhorrent behavior, omg then they're being unjustly attacked!!!" --pontedealma

The video posted by @JaredPushner has gone viral in recent days, racking up more than 400,000 views on Twitter and more than 46,000 upvotes on Reddit.

None of the parties involved in the video have made any comments to the press yet about the incidents.