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PHOTOS: 15 Funny Church Signs That Made Twitter Shout 'Hallelujah'

PHOTOS: 15 Funny Church Signs That Made Twitter Shout 'Hallelujah'

Who says church can't be fun?

A little road trip through our country yields many opportune sightings of hysterical church signs. Whether they're intentional with their humor, or they showcase the misspelled thought of the day, the roadside giggles are very much appreciated in these interesting times.

If you thought God didn't have a sense of humor, think again. It'd be a sin to be so cynical. When you're lost and looking for a sign from God, chances are you wouldn't expect these.

Rubberneckers on the Internet shared their quirky sign sightings:

One Twitter user said, "Just saw a sign that said 'if you feel further from god, guess who moved'.. I need to go back to church."

Another tweeted, "Just saw a church sign in Pittsburgh read 'Steelers disappoint? Church doesn't' and honestly never related more."

Another fun bit was shared: "Seen on a church sign: 'don’t be so open-minded your brains fall out.'”

Observe the following church signs and see if you can resist cracking a smile.

God-fearing country-status is confirmed here.

Well, if he can turn water into wine, then wine not?

If you're lost, you need saving. You can check your status on a celestial fridge. All will be found.

Sports and religion definitely mix, as evidenced by this here sign. The potluck at halftime must be heavenly!

When praying, please be considerate of others.

The Star Wars universe is claimed by many to be their church. The dark lord agrees.

Satisfaction, or your donation back, guaranteed!

Religion and politics always had a love/hate relationship. At this church, their agenda on nuclear warfare is very clear.

Bring on the puns! Cultivate your inner child.

I taht I taw a funny sign!

We could definitely use some more 'spiritual fruits' in this world.

We are all ears on this one.

There's no cooler place we'd rather be.

Here's a little reminder of an indiscretion. Is that AC unit you stole worth going down in flames and meeting the devil?

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