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Anti-Vaxxer Who Gave Out Phone Number Because He Has 'Nothing To Hide' Now Begging People To Stop Calling

@CarymaRules / Twitter

A prominent Canadian conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine advocate, Chris Saccoccia, also known as Chris Sky, gave out his phone number at a rally over the weekend. Now, he's begging people to stop calling him.

Saccoccia gave out his number during the "Just Say No" rally in Toronto. His intent was to help people try to force their way into businesses without masks and demand service.

He claimed he wasn't afraid of anyone and was here to help.

Two days later, Saccoccia posted a video telling people to stop calling and asking questions.

It seems the attempt was meant to help other people do things like try to get service from businesses while ignoring a mask mandate.

He even said he fully expected crank calls but is used to it.

It doesn't seem like that was true.

At this time, Saccoccia has claimed he will not change his phone number and lose contact with people he talks to regularly, missing the fact that he can just give them his new number.

Additionally, Insider tried to reach out to Saccoccia for comment and found his voicemail disabled, so how important is all that really?