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Pro-Trump 'Stop The Steal' Leader Rips MTG As 'Trailer Park Hood Rat' After She Called Out Boebert

Ali Alexander came for Marjorie Taylor Greene after her public feud with Lauren Boebert.

Ali Alexander; Marjorie Taylor Greene
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Far-right activist Ali Alexander—best known as the organizer for the "Stop the Steal" campaign to promote the false conspiracy theory that widespread voter fraud was the reason former Republican President Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election—referred to Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as a "trailer park hood rat" on his Telegram channel.

Alexander lashed out at Greene for her feud with Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert, who had earlier mocked Greene for her bizarre "Jewish Space Laser" conspiracy theory.

During an interview with conservative commentator Charlie Kirk on Monday, December 19, Boebert said she had been wrongly "accused" of being completely politically aligned with Greene, adding that she would not follow Greene's lead and endorse House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's bid for the Speaker position come January, when Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.

Boebert's attempt to distance herself from one of Greene's more infamous conspiracy theories prompted Greene to lash out and accuse her of "being childish."

Alexander later commented on the feud, writing:

"[Greene] is now attacking Rep. Lauren Boebert like a trailer park hoodrat."

You can see his Telegram post below.

Telegram screenshot of Ali Alexander's post on TelegramAli Alexander/Telegram

Boebert's reference to Russian and Jewish "space lasers" referred to a widely-circulated Facebook post Greene made in which she espoused the belief that the 2018 California wildfires were not caused by climate change but some kind of "space laser" that had set the state ablaze.

In it, Greene said Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) and renewable energy startup Solaren sent solar power generators to space funded by the Rothschilds, a family of Ashkenazi Jewish billionaires who have often been the target of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Greene has never taken responsibility and apologized for the post and earlier this year suggested she cannot be blamed for the post because she wrote it before she entered office, when she was just "a regular American."

Greene lashed out at Boebert over her remarks a short time later and criticized her over her remarkably slim victory in Colorado after an automatic recount that confirmed she had won an impressively close race against Adam Frisch, her Democratic opponent, by a margin of just 550 votes.

The infighting betwen two of the most high-profile Republicans in Congress—and Alexander's remark—has garnered even more negative attention.

Alexander is a familiar social media personality among American conservatives. In early 2019, he was known for his livestream videos published via Periscope, in which he discussed his conservative and pro-Trump opinions.

In 2020, Alexander founded "Stop the Steal," which he used to spread unfounded allegations of voter fraud. He was among the people who urged Trump's supporters to rally outside the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, shortly before they stormed the building in a failed attempt to thwart the certification of President Biden's electoral victory.

After the attack, Alexander said he did not support what had happened and that he wished people had not entered, or even approached, the Capitol building. He went into hiding afterward and worked to conceal his ties to over 100 domains, many of which were related to "Stop the Steal."

Alexander's actions resulted in bans from Twitter, PayPal, Venmo, and Patreon following the insurrection. He has dealt with considerable litigation since the event and has reportedly had trouble paying his legal bills.