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Woman Brings Her Own Portable Microphone Onto Flight To Deliver A Cringey Rant About COVID

Woman Brings Her Own Portable Microphone Onto Flight To Deliver A Cringey Rant About COVID

A woman on an airplane decided to bring her own microphone headset and speaker on her flight so she could give a speech to other passengers about COVID being a hoax.

Singer songwriter Jawny who posted the video to TikTok said he bought air Wi-Fi just so he could post it.

The video started with the woman standing in the aisle between two flight attendants who attempted to get her back in her seat. The plane was in flight already.

The woman said:

"This is my microphone."
"This is mine and you can't take it."
"I tried borrowing yours, you didn't want to let me use it."
"I brought my microphone. I'm gonna use it."

someone come get her

She started her rant with:

"The pandemic started all because humans have lost a little bit of faith."

The whole time, a flight attendant was trying to deescalate the situation and asking her to sit down.

An attendant said:

"Get in your seat immediately or we are going to have to cuff you."

The woman replied:

"You're gonna cuff me?"
"I don't need to be cuffed."
"I'm completely harmless."
"Also I think you're all enjoying this because like I said I'm not terrible to look at."

The woman tried to start her speech again and walk down the aisle but passengers started chiming in.

One said:

"You just want the attention, that's what she wants."

The attendant came behind her and started moving her towards the front of the plane to collect her bags from her seat.

More people started to get upset as she angrily shouted:

"The pandemic got started because nobody here has any faith!"
"You're all stuck to your stupid devices and you don't even know what reality is anymore!"
"And you depend on stupid nonsense to determine your reality!"
"My dog. My dog has better sense than any of you."
"In fact, my dog would be a better God for you people."

The video ends with the woman being brought to the back of the plane by flight attendants, still with her microphone in hand.

The video has gotten 1.9 million views and 206.4 thousand likes.















This definitely wasn't the first time we've seen someone problematic on a plane and it most likely won't be the last.

Maybe instead of worrying about a loss of faith, this woman should worry about the loss of common courtesy.