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Weird Al Just Roasted The Hell Out Of Kid Rock's New Music Video Whining About 'Snowflakes'

Weird Al Just Roasted The Hell Out Of Kid Rock's New Music Video Whining About 'Snowflakes'
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney; Kid Rock YouTube

People are cheering iconic musician Weird Al Yankovic after he perfectly roasted musician Kid Rock for his ridiculous new single and video "Don't Tell Me How To Live."

The video, which features Kid Rock yelling about "snowflakes" and "millennials" while Canadian rock band Monster Truck repeats the titular phrase, is so ludicrously Kid Rockian that it seems impossible it's not a parody or SNL digital short.

Rest assured though, it is both a real and sincere effort from Kid Rock—as the king of the parody himself, Weird Al, made clear in the perfectly rendered Twitter drag of Kid Rock he posted yesterday, seen below.

Yankovic tweeted:

"To everybody that's congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify - that's not me. That's actually Kid Rock."

Perfection. 🔥

Yankovic, of course, has made a career out of absurd parody songs and videos like the Madonna send-up "Like a Surgeon," the Coolio re-tool "Amish Paradise" and his perfect take on Chamillionaire's "Ridin Dirty," with "White & Nerdy."

And at first glance, Kid Rock's truly mind-melting new song and video seem like they have to be the result of some kind of Yankovician take on right-wing bravado.

Because never has anything been so embarrassingly, baroquely on-the-nose as "Don't Tell Me How To Live."

The eyeroll-worthy title is bad enough.

But the lyrics, which sound straight from the mind of your oblivious Fox News uncle who still thinks it's 2014 and blames everything on Obama, are truly astonishing.

The song whines about "snowflakes" who all "got a motherfu*king trophy" and who make up "a nation of pussies" where "every opinion has a millennial offended."

A note to Kid Rock and everyone of his ilk—millennials are literally, like, 40 now.

It's 2021.

And that's before we get to the video, full of images of Kid Rock screaming at us and flipping us the bird and pretending to shoot us through the screen while comparing himself to Bruce Springsteen, James Dean and Brad Pitt.


LOL, okay, Mr. Rock!

"How can any of this possibly be real?!" you shout into the night.

We hear you, but sadly it is indeed—nightmarishly so. Which is why Weird Al's perfect tweet struck a nerve with everyone who found themselves unable to turn away from this brain-melting Kid Rockian trainwreck.

On Twitter, people absolutely loved Weird Al's perfect drag of Kid Rock's preposterous work of "art."

Here's hoping Weird Al does make an actual parody of "Don't Tell Me How To Live," because if anyone can top the absurdity of the original, it's him.