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Former GOP Rep. Blasts Republicans For Twisting Themselves 'Into Pretzels' To Defend Trump

Former GOP Rep. Blasts Republicans For Twisting Themselves 'Into Pretzels' To Defend Trump
Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images; James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh made a name for himself for being one of the few very conservative Republicans with the conscience to turn on former Republican President Donald Trump.

And in an appearance on MSNBC's The Mehdi Hasan Show over the weekend, Walsh laid into his fellow Republicans who have as yet been unable to oppose the former President too.

During a discussion on the blowback from the FBI searching Trump's Mar-a-Lago home last week in search of classified or top-secret documents, Walsh lashed out at how his fellow Republicans have been "twist[ing] into pretzels" to defend Trump.

Walsh also told Hasan he thinks the Republican Party is so irredeemably devoted to Trump the FBI search has only made him stronger within the Party.

You can see his comments below.

Walsh told Hasan that his fellow Republicans' response to Trump's bold-faced criminality is right on-brand.

"This may be an inappropriate thing to say, but, Mehdi, I find it so funny watching my former colleagues twist into pretzels trying to defend criminal behavior."
"And that’s what they’ve done for the last six years."

Walsh went on to excoriate Republicans for calling for retaliation for Trump's FBI search even in the wake of the incident in Cincinnati last week in which a pro-Trump domestic terrorist was shot to death after attacking an FBI office there.

"Trump wanted there to be chaos [in 2020], and he wanted there to be violence if he lost that election."
"The same thing, Mehdi, is going on this week. Trump wants there to be violent threats, and he wants there to be violence against members of the FBI..."
"...And he's the leader of that party, and members of that party have to try to defend that."

On Twitter, many agreed with Walsh's take on Trump and the Republican Party.

But others felt more hopeful than Walsh that the FBI raid will be the think that takes Trump out.

Despite his anti-Trump stance, Walsh is far from a moderate Republican.

During his time in Washington he was most famous for promoting the racist "birther" conspiracy theory that former Democratic President Barack Obama was a secret Muslim not born in the United States, and he was a passionate Trump supporter in 2016.

He has since recanted his stances on Obama and has publicly apologized for what he sees as having enabled Trump's rise.

Here's hoping more Republicans will have similar awakenings in the near future.