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Twitter Users Share Just How Much Their Dogs Have Grown With Adorable Before-And-After Pics


Twitter user Caleb just celebrated his dogs birthday by giving internet a present - one of the best threads to happen, ever. We're sure of it. No doubt about it. We're kind of experts in this sort of thing.

What makes the thread so amazing you ask? Puppers. So. Many. Puppers.



Caleb shared an adorable status for his dog Eve's first birthday showing how much she'd grown. People couldn't just stand there and witness the cute without participating, so they started sharing before and after pictures of how much their dogs had grown. The whole thing turned into a fantastic celebration of the doggy glow-up.

Check out Caleb's initial Tweet.

From there, things got PAW-SOME!

Craigslist babies Unite!

People were really, really into this thread.

One person liked it so much she decided to shoot her shot.

It turns out Caleb and Eve are taken.

We get it. The birthday girl is adorable! Thanks, Caleb and Eve, for giving the internet such a great present for Eve's birthday.

H/T: Twitter