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Tucker Carlson's Past Comments Come Back To Bite Him In Epic 'Jeopardy!' Parody Video


Tucker Carlson—conservative commentator on Fox News—has a penchant for conducting the most ridiculous segments of the program.

In a mash-up parody of Jeopardy! arranged by The Daily Show, Carlson's segments were re-imagined as part of the famous game. Except Carlson was giving both the questions and the answers.

You can watch the segment here:

The Daily Show also shared the video on Twitter.

Carlson responds to his own segments in the classic Jeopardy! "question as an answer" fashion.

For example, after a segment where he boorishly proclaims "all cultures are equal, except they're not all equal," Carlson's talking head answers his own rambling with "What is a White supremacist?"

Carlson has had a very bizarre run in his time on the air.

Since becoming a public figure, more and more evidence has turned up exposing Carlson as a racist and misogynist...

...opposed to renewable energy...

...misunderstanding of the definition of "privilege"...

...and a defender of dictators such as Kim Jong-Un by saying "leading a country means killing people."

So, Carlson's repertoire of problematic comments was plentiful for The Daily Show to pull from.

Carlson's record has always been spotty to say the least.

But with The Daily Show doing the hard work of putting some of his greatest hits together in one satirical package, the problem of this man gracing our family and friends' airwaves can be fully understood.