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Tucker Carlson Slammed For Ranting Pregnant Service Members Make 'Mockery Of Our Military'

Fox News

Tucker Carlson opened his show on Tuesday, March 9, with a wild rant covering a plethora of controversial and inaccurate information.

He began by claiming reporter Taylor Lorenz, who tweeted about how online harassment towards women is encouraged by aggressive figures in the media, was like Meghan Markle and Hillary Clinton an entitled woman who doesn't know how good she has it.

This, of course, further encouraged Carlson's fans to further harass Lorenz.

After falsely claiming ITV Morning Show host Piers Morgan was fired from his job (he actually quit), Carlson segued again to attack the U.S. military for designing new flight suits that fit pregnant women.

Carlson—who like many conservatives who vociferously comment on the military never served in the armed forces—couldn't stand the idea of pregnant women serving our country.

Tucker cited "new hairstyles" or "pregnant flight suits" made because "pregnant women are going to fight our wars."

Carlson also praised the Chinese military for being "more masculine" than ours, making it clear he felt women in the military made the United States weaker as a country.

Twitter called out Carlson for his backwards, misogynistic views.

Many called Carlson out for attacking women service members while he himself has never served in the military.

Fox News continues to court controversy by continuing to air Carlson, who faces intense backlash for his spread of misinformation and bigotry on a regular basis.