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Tucker Carlson Blasted For Hypocrisy After Mocking AOC For Fearing For Her Life During Capitol Riot

Tucker Carlson Blasted For Hypocrisy After Mocking AOC For Fearing For Her Life During Capitol Riot
Media Matters; Lars Niki/Getty Images

On January 6, Republican insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol, forcing Congress to go into lockdown and leaving many lawmakers fearful for their safety.

Prosecutors have now charged over 100 of the Trump-supporting rioters—some who expressed their intent "to capture and assassinate elected officials"—showing people like Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York were in legitimate danger.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke about her experiences in an Instagram live video, in which she said:

"Many of us, nearly and narrowly escaped death."

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, however, responded to the Congresswoman's video with an incendiary segment on his program, in which he repeatedly mocked her for fearing the threats against her life.

Ocasio-Cortez—who has described Carlson as a "White supremacist sympathizer"—has not responded to Carlson's tirade.

But Twitter spoke out against the Fox host in no uncertain terms.

Carlson—who recently described a crowd of people chanting outside his own home as "life-threatening"—called Ocasio-Cortez a "vacuous little totalitarian moron."

Carlson said:

"When the most harrowing thing in life is pass freshman sociology at Boston University, every day is a brand new drama. Sandy's heart is still beating fast. But she likes the cops now, despite the fact they're White supremacists. What a difference a day makes."

Many online pointed out Carlson's repeated attacks against lawmakers like Ocasio-Cortez likely helped inspire the violence which he now dismisses so easily.

Twitter called Carlson out for his eagerness to play the victim.

It seems there is no limit to the things Carlson will attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over.

Whether she's trying to pass legislation or having her life threatened, Carlson finds a reason to cast her as the villain.

Carlson also jabbed at Ocasio-Cortez for calls to "defund the police" while relying on the police to protect her from armed insurrectionists, ignoring the specific details of the Congresswoman's proposals for police reform.

Never tell Tucker Carlson a story of being in actual danger—it seems he's more likely to make fun of you than to sympathize. But if you chant outside his house, he'll run and hide.