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AOC Slams Tucker Carlson For 'Racist Trope' After He Said Her District Is Filled With Garbage And Illegal Immigrants

AOC Slams Tucker Carlson For 'Racist Trope' After He Said Her District Is Filled With Garbage And Illegal Immigrants
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Far-Right Fox News host Tucker Carlson routinely promotes racist and White nationalist talking points on his primetime opinion show.

Tuesday night was no different when he and Conservative editor Seth Barron did a segment on litter in the 14th District of New York, represented by Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez is famously one of the most vocal supporters of a Green New Deal to overhaul current U.S. environmental and energy policy to curtail the growing threat presented by the climate crisis.

The 14th District has 700,000 constituents in one of the world's largest cities, but according to Carlson and Barron, the presence of litter in the district is evidence of Ocasio-Cortez's hypocrisy in pushing for the Green New Deal.

Barron claimed that the 14th District—which is nearly 50% Hispanic—is one of the "least American" Congressional districts in the nation. And while the Native American population from tribes indigenous to the United States may not be high in the district, that's probably not what Barron was referring to.

Watch below.

Barron later claimed that immigrants in the district are living in illegal housing situations, resulting in the improper disposal of trash.

The racist sentiments sparked widespread backlash, most notably from the Congresswoman herself, who used the moment to point out why she's hesitant to appear on Fox News.

According to census records, 46% of the Congresswoman's district is foreign born, but being foreign born doesn't preclude being an American citizen.

Barron later took to Twitter in an attempt to clarify.

But people overwhelmingly agreed with Ocasio-Cortez.

People were divided, however, as to whether or not she should ever appear on the network.

An appearance from AOC on the red network would certainly be interesting.

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