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Salon Owner Decides To Stave Off Quarantine Boredom By Giving Her Boyfriend All Sorts Of Hilarious Hairstyles

Salon Owner Decides To Stave Off Quarantine Boredom By Giving Her Boyfriend All Sorts Of Hilarious Hairstyles
@heidileeoley / Instagram

Employees and small business owners everywhere are trying to keep some sense of normalcy while working from home.

For some, this has taken a hilarious turn as they try to keep boredom at bay.

In Heidi Lee Oley's case, she's used to working in a bustling salon, her own business called the Chroma Station in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oley kept her salon open as long as possible. But as the virus continued to spread in their area, Oley and her boyfriend, Geoffrey Clark, decided to leave town.

Oley has a cabin in the woods of Northern Georgia which gave the couple the perfect place to socially distance and their dogs to be outside worry-free.

But being out in the middle of nowhere, the two quickly became bored with the slower lifestyle.

With no other clients in sight, Oley decided she wanted to style her boyfriend's hair, starting with George Washington curls.

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Oley reflected:

"I just had this bright idea to curl his hair and turn him into George Washington, and that's when it all started."

Every day, the couple sits down for one to two hours to style Clark's hair, pose for pictures, and share the results to Instagram.

The hilarious photos have quickly drawn a following.

The recurring pictures are exactly the sort of consistency people need in their day right now.

Hair model Clark said:

"I kind of like it because we get a lot of comments from people who are out there — the health care workers and stuff — who say they love coming home and seeing a new picture of me. I like that we're making people smile."

Oley enjoys sharing their fun.

She hopes the image series will spread positivity and individualism.

And Halloween costume ideas like this throwback shared when the couple took a day off...

Oley and Clark are dedicated to sharing their fun.

Even when faced with a broken hairdryer.

Oley explained:

"I hope that there can be more openness to having any style that you want, and supporting the person that you love. Because there's no need for judgment (at any time), but especially at a time like this, and it's just fun."

Though the couple doesn't plan to continue their styling series after social isolation is over, they've clearly enjoyed the project.

In the meantime, the couple intends to continue their daily updates, giving others a reason to laugh, as well as many ways to express their individuality.

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