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Trump Says He Plans To Be On 'Fox & Friends' Every Week, And Host Steve Doocy Isn't Having It


President Trump appeared on Fox & Friends this past Tuesday, September 15, which came as a surprise to very few.

As he was signing off, the President announced he would appear on the show once a week from now until the election.

You can see his proclamation here:

But, in an unexpected twist, host Steve Doocy pushed back against Trump's announcement after the President hung up.

Doocy said Fox News had not approved the plan and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was welcome to appear on the program any time.

Many online heard some not-so-subtle shade in Doocy's remarks.

It seems even Fox News has their limit when it comes to conversations with Donald Trump.

Brian Kilmeade had initially accepted Trump's offer and seemed a little let down when Doocy stepped in.

Trump's goodbye was one of many awkward moments from President.

Of course President Trump wants to make a weekly appearance on Fox & Friends—he enjoys being on TV more than doing hard work!

Unfortunately for him, that's no guarantee Fox wants him on the air.