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Trump Slammed For Attacking Georgia Secretary Of State's 'Brother'—Except He's Not Even Related

Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images

**CORRECTION: This article was updated on 11/31/2020 at 1:20PM ET to reflect that Brad Raffensberger does have a brother, but he is not the Ron Raffensberger Trump tweeted about.

President Trump still refuses to accept the results of the November elections, taking to Twitter to once again spread baseless conspiracy theories this past Tuesday, December 29.

In a thread aimed at Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, President Trump falsely accused Raffensperger's brother of "working for China" and rigging the election in Joe Biden's favor.

This particular conspiracy theory was even easier to spot than usual since the man Trump claimed is Brad Raffensperger's brother isn't even related to him.

Reporter Brendan Keefe later posted an update clarifying Raffensperger does, in fact, have a brother.

But that brother is not the Ron Raffensperger Trump called out.

But that didn't stop Twitter collectively calling Trump out on his nonsense.

Many online began to offer up other things Brad Raffensperger's "brother" had supposedly done.

Could Raffensperger's brother be 2020's final meme?

The President has shown no sign of correcting his mistake and, if the past is any indication, will have moved on to the next baseless conspiracy theory before the press has the chance to call him out on the last one.