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Savannah Guthrie Expertly Responds To Critics Calling Out Her 'Unkempt' On-Air Appearance On 'Today'

Savannah Guthrie Expertly Responds To Critics Calling Out Her 'Unkempt' On-Air Appearance On 'Today'
John Lamparski/Getty Images

As a media personality, there is a lot of pressure to always look your best, especially when the cameras are around. Since this pandemic kicked into high gear, many personalities have had to make adjustments to the way they work.

Today host Savannah Guthrie is no different.

She made adjustments just like most of the rest of the country's work force has had to. Unfortunately, for an on-air personality, those adjustments sometimes happen in the public eye. The public, as you all know, can be incredibly critical and not at all shy about it.

Recently one "helpful" viewer hopped on Twitter to tell Savannah Guthrie that her adjustments need more adjusting.

Susan, who is an Emmy Award winning meteorologist according to her Twitter bio as well as a reporter in Puerto Rico, was watching the news one day and just couldn't focus on what Savannah was saying. Savannah, like pretty much every other on air personality, has been doing her own hair and makeup for her broadcasts.

Those broadcasts often include mention of her two young children, ages 3 and 5. Guthrie has also been open about the relatively minor inconvenience/struggle of having to learn how to dye and process her own hair at home. Since she cannot safely use the stylists she normally does, she is taking a crack at handling these things at home like so many of us have done.

Savannah Guthrie is not a professional hair stylist or makeup artists, so she's been doing her best - something she graciously pointed out in her response.

Savannah's response was the sort of thing only people with years of public-facing jobs can manage.

Gracious, but gets the point across. We're in the middle of a pandemic, Susan. So yes, Savannah Guthrie could very likely afford a hair stylist "with what they pay" her. However, she would rather not risk her health, her children's health, or the health of a hair stylist and their close circle.

We mentioned how gracious Savannah was in her response. That doesn't mean anyone else on Twitter was. Susan didn't post her thoughts as a comment buried in a thread. She made it a whole tweet, tagging Savannah and all.

Tons of people saw it... and chimed in to tell Susan exactly what they were thinking.

This would be the point where most people would just bow out and stop talking.

Not Susan, though. Instead, she opted to defend herself.

Her defense actually kind of made it worse.

For you non-Spanish speakers, #MujeresAlPoder is a girlpower chant calling for women to be more empowered and in charge.

It seems like a really strange hashtag for Susan to use considering she just finished acting like Savannah's petty tia (aunt) masterfully delivering the backhanded compliments.

Again, Twitter had something to say.

Susan opted to then play the victim, essentially saying she thought she was just doing her job and she won't write what she thinks anymore.

You can guess how well that went over.

Susan has, perhaps wisely, stopped responding. She seems to have gone back to talking about animal welfare. Savannah Guthrie has made no comment other than the one acknowledging that she is doing her own hair during the pandemic.