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Woman Creeped Out After Finding Metal Briefcase In Hidden Panel Under Her Oven In Viral Video

Woman Creeped Out After Finding Metal Briefcase In Hidden Panel Under Her Oven In Viral Video

When a plank of her kitchen's wooden paneling dislodged to reveal a strange compartment beneath her oven, a TikTok user gave viewers an inside look at the ominous in-home investigation that ensued.

TikTok user @live_ex_dream, who posted the video, captured the attention of over 600,000 people with the kitchen floor exploration.

With Kreep's "Oh No" providing the wildly appropriate background music, she began the video by explaining that after she looked in the space beneath the oven, she could see something shiny inside.

She then filmed herself reaching in and pulling out, wait for it, a solid metal suitcase—the kind you'd see in a James Bond movie, no less.

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Viewers far and wide held their breaths as she fidgeted to get the suitcase's brackets open and slowly unfolded the case.

Inside, there was a thick, metal, bright pink bar with a few holes in it.

Okay, so not exactly horrifying. But still totally confusing.

Of course, she looked in the same opening to see what else might be in there. All that revealed was more wood and metal pieces strewn about haphazardly.

People on TikTok had a wide variety of conclusions and conjectures about exactly what the heck was going on here.

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Some advised how to get to the bottom of this.

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@live_ex_dream let them know that she did, in fact, try that.

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Thankfully, a common conclusion began to emerge.

And it was unfortunately not nearly as cool as haunted kitchen spirits or old true crime supplies.


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With no follow up video posted, we'll never quite have confirmation about the grill set hypothesis.

One thing is for sure though.

She now has an awesome secret compartment to use for her own non-grilling purposes.