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Mom Mortified After Learning Her Young Daughter Has Been Leaving Instructions For House Cleaner

Mom Mortified After Learning Her Young Daughter Has Been Leaving Instructions For House Cleaner

A child who takes an active role in helping keep the house clean is probably every parent's dream. But as a mom on TikTok recently discovered, a kid's household initiative can easily become a facepalm for her parents.

Like, for instance, when your six-year-old leaves instructions for the house cleaner all over her bedroom.

That's what a TikTok mom named Mary discovered her daughter has been doing, and the video she made documenting the instructions has people howling.


There are many more. Thanks a lot @ellisleaa.

As she shared in her video, Mary learned about her daughter Collins' new interest in housekeeping in the most embarrassing way possible—from the cleaning woman herself.

But this story gets even more embarrassing for Mary, because little Collins wasn't exactly leaving helpful directives for the cleaning person about regular households tasks. Rather, Collins was barking out orders about taking care of her dolls—like the note Mary showed in her video, which instructed the cleaning woman to "Put pants on my doll."

And, as Mary said in her caption, "there are many more" of the notes—like the longer set of instructions she left on her bedroom door that Mary shared in a follow-up video.


Reply to @akiraxrodriguez Again, this was in 2016, she was 6, we were mortified and discussed why this wasn’t okay. She grew up respectful/empathetic

That note read:

"Welcome. Make a checklist of everything I told you to do and if you the things check it off and leave it in my room please."

Hey, at least she said "welcome" and "please"!

Many of Mary's fellow TikTokers found the notes hilarious.







And several shared similar stories about other kids who were juuuuust a bit too outspoken.





Sadly, Collins won't be providing us with any more hilarious cleaning lady instructions.

In comments under her videos, Mary explained she had a long talk with Collins about why this is embarrassing and not okay, despite the fact that even the cleaning woman thought they were hilarious.

Darn parenting, getting in the way of perfect comedy!