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Trend Of Strolling Into Strangers' Homes For TikTok Clout Called Out For Posing Serious Danger

After a TikTok of the new trend made the rounds on social media, many were quick to point out just how dangerous it is to trespass into people's homes.

Four men completing TikTok's Trespassing Challenge

We might have thought we'd seen it all with TikTok challenges.

From the water bucket challenge to raise money, to planking on unsafe surfaces, to eating entirely questionable and dangerous items, the range of what people will do for clicks and likes on their profile is apparently unlimited.

The latest TikTok challenge is of the irresponsible variety, as the goal is to literally trespass onto someone's property.

The Trespassing Challenge involves going on to someone's lawn or even inside their home and seeing how comfortable you can get before getting caught or being thrown out.

In a recent video, four young men in the U.K. took on the challenge and approached a family's front gate. Upon letting themselves through the gate, they caught the wife on camera, who was cleaning the front garden. They went up the front porch steps and into the house, followed by the wife's calls to her husband.

The men copied her and called out to the husband, who hurriedly approached them and ushered them out of the house, but not before one of the men sat down on their couch to capture a selfie in their home.

You can watch the video here:

Trespassing is legally wrong, yes, but there are other issues inherent to trespassing that takers of this challenge might not be considering.

First of all, a home is a person's safe space where they believe they can relax, be themselves and only have the people in their home that they've allowed.

Second of all, there are countless people, reported and unreported, who have been abused or assaulted in their lifetime at least once. An interaction like this, whether guised as looking for a study group or not, could bring all of those feelings back and be incredibly triggering.

And as Twitter pointed out, this absolutely would not fly in some homes, especially those located in the U.S.

This is hardly the first questionable challenge that's worked its way across social media.

This, however, is likely to be illegal trespass no matter the country. Whoever thought this was a reasonable entertainment choice didn't think this one all the way through.