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Thanos Reading Trump's Tweets Out Loud Is Just Too Perfect 😂

Thanos Reading Trump's Tweets Out Loud Is Just Too Perfect 😂

Actor Josh Brolin graced The Late Show on Tuesday night and serenaded Stephen Colbert and the audience by reading a few of President Donald Trump's tweets.

Brolin read the tweets as Thanos, his character in Avengers: Infinity War, and they are pretty damn near perfect when heard in Brolin's deep, raspy baritone voice.

Last month, Trump once again referred to the Russia probe as a "witch hunt," denying any culpability despite mounting evidence that something was rotten in his presidential campaign.

Brolin nailed it.

"It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened," Brolin growled. "Witch hunt." It's almost narrative-like, as opposed to the president's typical shrieking.

Remember back in January when Trump called himself a "very stable genius?" It sounds much better coming from Thanos.

"President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify not as not smart, but genius. And a very stable genius at that."

The big question is: Does Thanos want to "Make America Great Again?" Hearing him say "MAGA" is almost enough to make me believe it. Almost. Not really. But it's still awesome.


Calls for "Thanos 2020" popped up on Twitter. At this point, why the hell not?

Thanos may have some choice words for Trump's proposed "Space Force," so maybe we will hear those next time. Thanos would totally win, though.

Brolin played George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's W. Quite well, too.

But the real gold medal should probably go to Andy Serkis, who read Trump's tweets as Gollum from Lord of the Rings. After all, the less Trump is portrayed as superhuman, the safer we are.

I wonder what Trump's "precious" could be. His money? Perhaps. Power? Quite possibly. Probably Ivanka, though, after all, "if she weren't my daughter, I'd probably be dating her," Trump once said.