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Ted Cruz Lashes Out At 'A**hole' Neighbors Who Leaked His Wife's Cancun Group Messages

Ted Cruz Lashes Out At 'A**hole' Neighbors Who Leaked His Wife's Cancun Group Messages
Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was recently caught flying to Cancun for a vacation while his state suffered through a winter storm.

After pictures of his flight to Mexico went viral, Cruz hastily returned and told the press he was only planning on escorting his two daughters to a warmer climate before returning.

Shortly thereafter, however, one of Cruz's neighbors leaked images of a group chat which included Ted's wife, Heidi Cruz. These messages seemed to indicate the Senator had intended to spend the entire spontaneous, extended weekend in Cancun.

During a recent podcast appearance, however, Cruz lashed out at these neighbors, casting them as inconsiderate and rude.

He told host Josh Holmes:

"I will say, Heidi was pretty p*ssed at that. She was over at the neighbor's house yesterday, sort of walking through that... We have a number of Republicans who are neighbors but we also have a lot of Democrats, folks on our streets who put up Beto signs, which I thought was a little rude."

Ted Cruz Calls Neighbors Who Leaked Wife's Texts 'A-Holes' in Ruthless

Cruz then went even farther, saying:

"Here's a suggestion: Just don't be a**holes. Yeah, like, just, you know, treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect."

Twitter pointed out that Cruz's neighbors had only revealed the secrets Cruz himself had tried to keep.

Villains hate to be caught in their lies!

There were still some online who suspected Cruz's own wife might have been behind the leaks.

It seems Ted Cruz's idea of being a good neighbor is pretty different from everyone else's.