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Ted Cruz Dragged For Demanding Meeting With Military Leaders For Attacking Tucker Carlson

Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images

After Tucker Carlson's sexist attacks on women serving in the military, he was greeted by criticism from many senior members of the military.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has been igniting a strange string of controversies ever since sneaking off to Cancun during his state's winter storm crisis, responded to the pushback against Carlson by demanding a meeting with Marine Corps leadership.

Twitter couldn't believe someone with such poor judgment was sitting in the U.S. Senate.

Conservatives like Cruz and Carlson support the military until the military is a little too welcoming towards women or anyone else that they're scared of.

The internet also reminded Cruz of his support for President Donald Trump after Trump mocked Cruz's family.

Apparently, those attacks weren't as important to him as the military's attacks on Carlson.

Cruz seems to go out of the way to place himself on the wrong side of every controversy.

Twitter was relentless in their mockery of Cruz and Carlson.

Who knows what unfortunate stance Cruz is going to take on Twitter next?

It's almost impossible to predict, but rest assured that the issue will be a decidedly ridiculous one.