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Ted Cruz Dragged For Sharing Photos Of Himself Loading Bottled Water For Texans After Cancun Debacle

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has faced criticism from every angle after being caught taking a Cancun vacation in the midst of his state's winter storm emergency.

After relentless mockery from the internet and harsh condemnation from politicians from both political parties, Cruz cut his trip short and returned to Texas.

Shortly thereafter, Cruz posted several photos of himself distributing packages of bottled water to Texans on Twitter.

Twitter wasn't swayed by Cruz's generosity, which many saw as a craven PR stunt.

Many pointed out that while Cruz was traveling to and from Mexico, Democratic politicians were actively trying to help the Texans he left behind.

Cruz passing out his water was quickly turned into a shameful meme.

Many also pointed out after traveling internationally, CDC guidelines required Cruz to quarantine.

It seems scolding Cruz online had some positive consequences.

It seems Ted Cruz is going to have to do more than pass out some water to get back in people's good graces after his Cancun controversy.