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Ted Cruz Offered Advice For Freezing Texans Amid Ice Storm—And Was Instantly Trolled For It

The Texas Senator was swiftly reminded of his trip to Cancun two years ago.

Ted Cruz
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to winter storms hitting Texas.

The words "Cancun" and "Cruz" still go together like peas and carrots a full two years after his infamous debacle where he fled a storm in Texas for Mexico while Texans quite literally died from the cold.

So when Cruz took to Twitter to offer his constituents guidance on how to deal with Texas' recent ice storms, it wasn't exactly well received.

Cruz tweeted:

"Most Texans woke up to freezing rain and sleet that will continue throughout the day. Please follow all local warnings."
"Stay inside, warm, and off the roads if possible."
"Follow @TxDot and @TDEM for the latest conditions."

That's certainly more than he did for Texans during 2021's storm, so good for him for growing?

But suffice to say for many Texans, Cruz's vile 2021 spectacle is still extremely fresh in their minds.

In case you've forgotten, Texas was hit with a monstrous storm in February 2021 that plunged temperatures well below freezing and knocked out most of the state's ill-maintained power grid.

Millions of Texans were without heat and electricity, many lost their homes to burst pipes, and 246 lost their lives—at least, that's what the state officially said. The actual tally is more like 700 people.

Naturally, rather than, you know, do literally anything about anything, Cruz decided to take an impromptu vacay to Mexico instead.

The stunt caused so much uproar that by the time Cruz's plane landed in Cancun he was forced to quite literally disembark that plane and immediately get on a new one back to Texas to hang his head in shame and ignominy in front of a phalanx of TV cameras.

Which would be hilarious if, you know, 700 people hadn't died.

But that hasn't stopped Cruz from practically making it his second job to troll Democrats any time they go on vacation—including when President Joe Biden vacations at his own house in Delaware two hours away from DC.

Anyway, huge swathes of Texas are once again plunged into darkness this week because its still poorly maintained electrical grid was never fixed in 2021 and has once again failed amid a massive ice storm stretched all across the South.

So as you might guess, people weren't really interested in Cruz's two cents on how best to weather Texas' ice storm.

And they did not hesitate to tell him so.

Cruz can pretend to forget, but the internet will always remember.