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Ted Cruz Just Joked About That Time He Fled Texas On Cancun Trip—And, Yeah, It's Still Not Funny

Ted Cruz Just Joked About That Time He Fled Texas On Cancun Trip—And, Yeah, It's Still Not Funny
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Are we at a point yet where we can joke about Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz running off to Cancun while 200 of his constituents froze to death in a freak winter storm?

No? Too soon?

Well Cruz, for one, disagrees with you. He thinks his little Cancun escapade is funny enough he recently joked about it in an effort to mock Democratic President Joe Biden.

But the internet isn't having any of it.

Cruz cracked wise about his Cancun scandal in a tweet, seen below, in which he and the Republican Party excoriated Biden for "going on vacation"—to his home in Delaware two hours from Washington—this past weekend.

Quote-tweeting a post from the Republican Party which decried Biden going on vacation "YET AGAIN" to "[run] away from all the problems he has caused," Cruz quipped:

"Cancun is lovely this time of year."

The jab at Biden is ridiculous on its face--Biden's Delaware house is a two-hour drive from the White House, and there are currently no act-of-God calamities besetting the United States at this time.

Contrast that with Cruz's Cancun debacle.

While he was jetting off nearly 2,000 miles away to another country, a freak February winter storm had plunged Texas' temperatures as low as -2 Fahrenheit and knocked out power to more than 5 million of its citizens. Having been born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you'd think a Canadian immigrant like Cruz would be able to handle the cold temperatures of Texas.

At least 210 of Cruz's constituents died. Independent analysis has since determined that death toll is all but certainly too low, and may be as high as 978.

Hilarious stuff, Senator Cruz.

On Twitter, people were not having it with Cruz's attempt at humor and they clapped back hard.

While Biden has spent more weekends away from the White House so far than either former Republican President Donald Trump or former Democratic President Barack Obama had by this point in their presidencies, neither man's homes were a drivable distance from the capital.

And as for Trump, he'd spent four times as much time golfing by this juncture in his presidency than Biden has. He in fact spent fully one-third of his tenure on his own golf courses.

Cruz has never made any comment on former President Trump's travel habits.