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Ted Cruz Ripped For Hypocrisy After Saying A Politician's Character Is Revealed In A 'Time Of Crisis'

Ted Cruz Ripped For Hypocrisy After Saying A Politician's Character Is Revealed In A 'Time Of Crisis'
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Ted Cruz is getting dragged on Twitter again.

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz received backlash on social media recently after a comment he made that many pointed out as extremely hypocritical.

Cruz appeared in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday where he tried to call out Democrats for their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the video here:

Cruz attempted to vilify the Democrats, calling them "authoritarian" while criticizing their proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The mandate would require all workers in certain industries get vaccinated against COVID-19 or face termination.

Cruz said:

“I think in a time of crisis, character is revealed."
"And on the Democratic side in this time of crisis, we’ve seen that Democratic politicians are authoritarians. They will control your life, they will order you to obey and they will destroy you if you don’t.”
“These politicians say they don’t give a damn: ‘Either obey, comply–or you’re fired.'"

Cruz, however, seems to have conveniently forgotten the very recent incident in which he left Texas citizens to suffer severe weather while he flew out of the country.

In February of this year, Texas was hit with a bizarre and severe winter storm that left millions of Texans without heat and electricity. It resulted in the deaths of at least 200 people, many of whom tragically froze to death in the uncharacteristically low temperatures.

During this serious and tragic event, though, Cruz boarded a plane to Cancun, Mexico, effectively deserting his populace in their time of need.

His decision to go on vacation during a state-wide crisis justifiably led to public outrage, which convinced Cruz to literally and figuratively backpeddle and jump on an earlier flight back to his home state.

After arriving back to Texas, Cruz said:

“In hindsight, if I had understood how it would be perceived, the reaction people would have, obviously I wouldn’t have done it."
“Leaving when so many Texans were hurting didn’t feel right, and so I changed my return flight and flew back on the first available flight I could take."

His excuses did little to reassure his constituents, however, who were quick to bring up his Cancun trip after he tried to criticize the Democrats' character.

Twitter users are calling out Cruz's hypocrisy.

Cruz has not yet responded to the controversy.