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Rand Paul Tried To Mock AOC's Concern Over Climate Change, And She Clapped Back Hard

It's always amusing when an older member of Congress tries to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, her home turf.

This time around, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul went after her for her views on climate change.

Paul posted:

A few hours later, AOC came back at Rand Paul with a Spaceballs reference highlighting how non-existent the GOP's plan to tackle climate change is.

AOC also called out the GOP's history of bad-faith arguments.

There was little disagreement online about who won the exchange.

Spaceballs fans everywhere also flocked to the thread to sound off.

What began as a movie making fun of Star Wars has now become a tool for making fun of Rand Paul.

At least there was one small silver lining to come out of this spat.

AOC wins Twitter and goes on to fight another day.