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Putin Roasted After Holding Meeting With Just Five People At Yet Another Comically-Large Table

Putin Roasted After Holding Meeting With Just Five People At Yet Another Comically-Large Table
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With all of the world's most important leaders meeting in Europe simultaneously this week except him, Russian President Vladimir Putin had to find a way to pull focus. So of course, he went with the only natural choice—another absurdly large table.

Just months after his much mocked and memed meeting with French President Emanuel Macron at which he and Macron sat at opposite ends of a table long enough to seat at least 20 people with ease, Putin decided to one-up himself this week.

For a meeting with just five other people, Putin chose a rectangular table the size of a city block, seen below in a post from Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

His post showed a photo of the nine-person meeting at the G7, at a normal table, beside Putin's farcically enormous spread.

Go big or go home, as the saying goes!

All eyes have been on Europe this week as leaders of much of the world were in Madrid and the German Alps for a NATO summit and this year's meeting of the G7, respectively.

At both gatherings, the hot topic was monetary and military support for Ukraine as it continues its fight against Putin's illegal invasion of the country and the resulting war that has just entered its fifth long month.

So Putin did what any dictator worth his salt would do--he had his own summit, the Caspian Summit, with his counterparts from Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat.

And he held it at an absolutely massive table. Like, the sort of massive table that has to be a joke, but somehow isn't? Just look at this thing.

Paint some lines on that tile floor and you could play an entire four-period game of American football inside that thing. Which brings up a very important question--how on Earth did anybody hear a word anyone was saying?

Also why are all those other people sitting at the perimeter of the meeting space? Was Putin all, "CAN'T SIT HERE" like those mean kids on Forrest Gump's school bus? Truly what is going on here?!

We'll of course likely never know, but Twitter has had an absolute field day laughing and eye-rolling at Putin's latest table game.

We look forward to Putin's next meeting when he sits his guests at at opposite ends of the Great Wall of China or something.