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Couple's Promise Rings Made From Poodle And Wolf Teeth Cause Stir Online

(Helenka Fabiańska)

A couple's unusual promise rings — made from a poodle and wolf tooth — have caused a social media storm after they were posted in a ring shaming group.

Helenka Fabianska posted pictures of the rings he had made for his boyfriend Scott Reason in the group “That's it, I'm ring shaming".

Members of the group regularly post pictures of their and others rings, with people encouraged to shame them.

Fabianska told the PA news agency he has a love for the macabre and also has a bracelet with his boyfriend's teeth, which he created after they were surgically removed.

He also wears a bracelet made of his boyfriend's teeth (Helenka Fabianska/PA)

He said: “When he had his teeth removed, I said send me these so I have a piece of him always near me — like the Victorians used to do with locks of hair. And then I made them into a bracelet.

“Then I thought, teeth jewelry looks good, and I'd like to keep a theme. It just happens I collect skulls, so I dug out teeth from my poodle and wolf skulls and attached them to empty ring bands."

The poodle ring came from a veterinary cadaver surrendered to a hobby taxidermist in Germany that Fabianska bought. The wolf skull was one he found by the river.

He said the rings break a lot because they are attached with superglue.

His boyfriend's ring is made from a wolf tooth (Helenka Fabianska/PA)

“It was one of the things people in the ring shaming group were really on about. Like that's so unprofessional, like a middle school crafts project.

“They said, 'why didn't you go to a jeweler and have it professionally set.' Well the answer is I was 17 and didn't have money."

Members of the group were not impressed with the rings, with one user saying: “This is a cool concept but terribly executed. You didn't even try to make it look good you just stuck it on some wire or whatever and called it a day."

Another added: “These rings shame themselves. Seriously."

However, a few did approve of the ring, with one saying: “I'm kinda here for it, not going to lie."

The 18-year-old international baccalaureate student said: “I knew people wouldn't like it — it's funny. I don't mind people not liking it or thinking I'm an attention seeker. Why does anyone post anything if not for attention?

“And they don't have to like it. They're not the ones wearing it."

Continuing with the macabre theme, Reason also wears a vial of Fabianska's blood which has been mixed with glitter, water, and blood thinners.

The couple met online two years ago, with Fabianska currently living in Poland while Reason lives in the UK.

National Archives; Disney+

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