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This Post About A Guy Who Recently Open Carried In A Texas Walmart Just Got Called All The Way Out By A Savvy Internet Sleuth


The internet is a big and scary place.

It can feel really easy to just lie about something and expect no one to be the wiser.

This is why the Reddit board Quit Your Bull**** exists. It's a place to share instances of someone trying to lie, and being called out for it.

With the recent mass shootings in two open carry states, gun enthusiasts are feeling the pressure to have gun laws changed.

Best way to try and change public opinion is with a little PR, right?

In the above post, someone shared screenshots of a man claiming an open carry advocate recently stopped into Walmart with his rifle on his back.

He says people stopped to shake their hands and thank them and shared photos of the incident.

The screenshot continues with someone claiming it looks fake. The original poster tried to defend it, saying he has video of the event.

And then the kicker:

It's pointed out that in the posted photos, there's a special deal of $299 for an iPad 2.

"iPad for 299? Damn, good ol days." - icedcoffeedevotee

"Then the greeters clapped clapped. Then the customers clapped. Then the gallon tubs of mayo clapped." - high_side

"Here in Missouri it's not uncommon to see someone with a pistol on their hip. If that's what people mean by "open carry" then yeah, you see it all the time. However, nobody just goes to the store with a gun like this unless they are either attention starved or want to kill people." - jmh082016

"Yeah. These people aren't carrying for self defense, they're carrying to look cool. And making us look like idiots" - kharmatika

As fun as it was to call out an obvious liar, the post did get a discussion going. With the recent mass shootings, one of which took place in a Walmart, people have been on edge about the proliferation of guns.

Just recently, a man in body armor carrying a rifle and handgun was arrested in Springfield Missouri. He walked into the Walmart fully armed, and recorded cell phone video of himself.

While he didn't shoot anyone, and was stopped while pushing a shopping cart around, it was quite clear he was trying to intimidate people. Police have charged him with making a terrorist threat.

While people online had their own takes about gun ownership and the second amendment, they all agreed that people who open carry loaded assault style rifles aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

"I'm a gun owner.
I love my guns.
But why the f*** these dickheads think it's totally appropriate to walk around with a rifle on their back to prove a point is beyond my comprehension." - MissMyCrownVic

"Because they're edgelords. They think it's some grand political statement, not something that very possibly could get them shot." - Biffingston

"I couldn't imagine this. As someone with a concealed to carry and I couldn't imagine making people feel this uncomfortable. Hell, I feel weird whenever people look at me while I'm carrying and my gun is 100% hidden. How hard is not to be an asshole?" - sloths4days

If you want to advance the arguments for gun rights, you don't have to lie on the internet. It's possible to have an honest discussion about it.

There are concerns that should be addressed, as well as discussions about how gun control should be implemented. But until we can figure out the best way forward, can attention starved people stop carrying rifles like this?

Polls show responsible gun owners don't fear gun reforms like universal background checks and closing loopholes.

Share your views with this shirt available here.


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