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Mike Pompeo Blasted After Trying To Absurdly Claim That Multiculturalism Is 'Not Who America Is'

Thomas Kronsteiner/Getty Images

As the Trump administration leaves office, many of its most notable figures have been positioning themselves politically for the future.

Republican Mike Pompeo, Trump's Secretary of State, tweeted a controversial message, saying:

"Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all the -isms—they're not who American is. They distort our glorious founding and what this country is all about. Our enemies stoke these divisions because they know they make us weaker."

Pompeo's tweet was immediately called out for its nonsensical, racist White supremacist message.

Obviously, multiculturalism has been central to American history since its "glorious founding." Apparently Pompeo missed the part of history where White people are not Indigenous to the Americas so "multiculturalism" is the only reason he is living in the United States instead of back in Italy where his family emigrated from.

Twitter's racism watchdog gave Pompeo's racist, xenophobic post multiple woofs.

There was a bright side however.

Though Pompeo tweeted this on his last full day of being the Secretary of State, it didn't stop many online from being disturbed by the message.

Pompeo claims to be worried about "censorship," but can't wait to erase the multiple cultures which lead him to his position.

There were many online who asserted "multiculturalism" is the very thing that makes the United States great.

Pompeo's political future is uncertain, but he would certainly enter office with his fair share of critics.

Maybe before his next run for public office, Mike Pompeo should take a quick U.S. history course to try and understand the role of multiculturalism in our "glorious founding."