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Piers Morgan Sounds Off After BBC Children's Show Refers To 'Snowpeople' Instead Of 'Snowmen'

YouTube/Good Morning Britian

You might say Piers Morgan had a meltdown after hearing about gender inclusive "snowpeople" on a BBC Children's Show. Morgan, a frequent skeptic of political correctness, just roasted the notion of "snowpeople" on Good Morning Britain.

Critics are saying Morgan acted like "a total snowflake."

Catie Munnings, a 20-year-old BBC Children's presenter, has received some backlash for referring to snowmen as "snowpeople" in a recent episode of CBeebies. Morgan took issue with the gender inclusive term, insisting that snowpeople must be referred to as snowmen.

Why? According to a grumpy Piers Morgan, it's because that's the way its been for 10,000 years.

A few people on Twitter agreed with him, complaining about "politically correct madness."

But others found Morgan's cranky take on snowpeople to be ridiculous.

Ricky Gervais posted these ice cold tweets about snowpeople, leading to more carrot-related humor.

Sure, these new terms can sound weird or unnecessary at first, and that's okay! The development of language can be awkward, but we doubt anyone's Christmas will be ruined by the simple option of using "snowpeople" instead of snowmen this holiday season.

Chill out Piers!

H/T: Indy100, Pink News