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Guy Tries And Awkwardly Fails To School Pharmacist Who Refuses To Fill His Ivermectin Prescription

Guy Tries And Awkwardly Fails To School Pharmacist Who Refuses To Fill His Ivermectin Prescription

With the second anniversary of the global pandemic slowly approaching, some are refusing to get vaccinated. Some of those individuals are trying to fight Covid-19—a virus—by taking parasiticide Ivermectin.

Parasiticides are only effective against parasites. Viruses are not parasites.

There is no scientific or medical proof Ivermectin—commonly used on livestock—is at all effective against Covid-19. Using it to combat the coronavirus defies logic and common sense.

What's more, the FDA, National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, even the drug's manufacturer, Merck, have all strongly advised against taking Ivermectin to fight Covid.

Yet people continue to do so, either buying the drug in bulk off the shelf at farming and animal supply stores, or searching for unreputable doctors to prescribe the drug.

As a result, several pharmacies have started to decline filling prescriptions for Ivermectin.

One such incident was recently captured in a viral video, shared by Patriot Takes on their Twitter page.

After asking to speak to the pharmacist on duty, the man filming the video told the pharmacist upon arrival he had a prescription for Ivermectin.

But the pharmacist quickly responded they do not fill Ivermectin prescriptions for Covid.

After declining the pharmacist's request to stop filming him, the customer told the pharmacist a "licensed doctor" prescribed Ivermectin for him.

But the pharmacist remained firm in his stance.

"We will not fill Ivermectin for Covid."

Unwilling to take no for an answer, the customer told the pharmacist it was against the law for him not to fill his prescription, which the pharmacist quickly corrected.

A pharmacist has every right to refuse to fill any prescription they believe would be unsafe to the customer.

After a back and forth on legality, the pharmacist told the customer he can call the board of the pharmacy or anyone he would like to complain to, but the stubborn customer still refused to believe what the pharmacist was telling him.

The customer then began to question his authority, even less than subtly looking down upon the pharmacist's job.

"You have no right to get between a patient and a doctor."
"You're not a doctor, you're a pharmacist."

The pharmacist then told the increasingly unruly customer Ivermectin was not authorized for Covid, to which the customer incorrectly responded:

"It's FDA approved Sir."

While Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA to treat parasites, in much smaller doses than what can be bought off the shelves for livestock, the pharmacist quickly corrected the customer.

The FDA has not approved Ivermectin for Covid.

The customer then snapped back at the pharmacist by saying Ivermectin doesn't have to be FDA approved, as it is an "off-label" product, meaning a treatment being used for something other than its FDA approved usage.

After telling the pharmacist he should "know better", the pharmacist clapped back the customer needed to "research" what "off-label" meant just before the video cut out.

The video was met with a variety of repulsion and amusement, with very little sympathy for the man behind the camera.

Several poked fun at the ignorant customer for getting a doctor to fill out a prescription, when Ivermectin can be bought off the shelf at farm and animal supply stores

Others expressed their exhaustion over people like this man who seem to think they know more than experienced professionals.

Most applauded the pharmacist for how calmly he handled the man and for refusing to fill a prescription for a drug that could have a negative impact on his health.

One woman shared a story of how a pharmacist also came to her rescue by refusing to fill a prescription.

Plenty of Twitter users also took an opportunity to condemn the behavior of the customer, expressing their disappointment so many front-facing workers have to deal with people like him on a regular basis.

And as was to be expected, a few couldn't help but point out on top of being full of misinformation, the man behind the camera could have gotten an FDA approved, highly effective vaccine for free, rather than spend money on Ivermectin.

While we don't know how the encounter ended after the video cut out, there is every possibility the pharmacist may have offered this unruly customer the Covid vaccine.

Though it's likely the customer would decline.