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Pete Davidson Already Has Two Ariana Grande Tattoos—And The Internet Has Strong Feelings

(E! News/YouTube)

SNL's resident young player Pete Davidson is officially dating Ariana Grande, and to proclaim his adoration, the 24-year-old actor visited a tattoo parlor and decided that one mark of love wasn't going to be sufficient enough.

To sum up the quick development of his relationship with Grande: he was once bitten, twice inked.

After rumors of the pair dating since May were confirmed, cynics of their burgeoning relationship believe Davidson's permanent declaration of love is a little premature.

Did they get matching tattoos? A Twitter user spotted the two having the same cloud tattoo a couple of weeks ago while dating rumors were still fresh.

Grande recently announced she broke up with rapper Mac Miller, her boyfriend of two years. Fans were quick to notice her rebound.

Less than a week later, the SNL actor confirmed his split with comedian Larry David's daughter, Cazzie David. "Very talented girl, she'll be great and she'll be fine," he told People about Cazzie. "Yeah, I think she'll be okay."

Others began using Davidson's progression of love as a barometer for their own relationships.

Hypothetically, if the curtain ever comes down on their new relationship, the monogram tattoo wouldn't be such a huge oversight.

But who are we to judge the extent of their love?

Whether or not there will be additional tattoos for them in the future, we wish these two lovebirds much happiness.

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