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Taylor Swift's Reaction To NSYNC Reuniting At The VMAs Is Truly All Of Us

Swift was visibly freaking out after the iconic pop quintet reunited on stage to present the award for 'Best Pop' at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards—which ended up going to Swift's video for 'Anti-Hero.'

Screenshot of Taylor Swift; Screenshot of *NSYNC

Taylor Swift completely freaked out over seeing all five members of *NSYNC reunited at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

And we totally get it.

The iconic pop quintet was met with an ecstatic welcome as they took the stage on Tuesday to present the "Best Pop" award—but all reactions to the boy band's appearance paled in comparison to Swift's own shock.

Fortunately for all of the internet, her surprise was captured on video...and from different angles, too.

And here she is still in awe of what just transpired.

People on social media were absolutely delighted by the "Lavender Haze" singer's reaction to seeing the whole gang: Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick

Timberlake and Chasez even publicly reciprocated the love.

Of course, the band collectively couldn't resist.

And others on social media revealed they had the same reaction over the reunion.

Wonderfully enough, Swift won the "Best Pop" award for her song "Anti-Hero" and was not only presented a trophy by the band but also, ever-so-appropriately, friendship bracelets.

The singer continued to gush over her idols as she took to the mic.

She began:

"I’m not doing well pivoting from this to this."

Swift gestured from *NSYNC to her award and continued:

“I had your dolls. I, are you doing something? What’s gonna happen now? They’re gonna do something, and I need to know what it is!”
“You guys are pop personified, so to receive this from your golden pop hands is’s too much.”

You can watch the award presentation and Swift's acceptance speech below.

*NSYNC Presents Taylor Swift w/ Best Pop Award | 2023

We, too, want to know what's gonna happen now... 🤔

Hopefully *NSYNC won't be saying "Bye Bye Bye" for long!