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John Fetterman Just Used Monopoly To Hilariously Mock Dr. Oz For '2 Houses' Claim

John Fetterman Just Used Monopoly To Hilariously Mock Dr. Oz For '2 Houses' Claim
Nate Smallwood/Getty Images; Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

At this point many assume Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz enjoys humiliation, because he keeps making unforced errors that play right into the hands of John Fetterman, his Democratic opponent.

Before the dust has even settled on his "crudité" gaffe, Fetterman's perfect mockery of which raised half a million bucks overnight, Oz shot himself in the foot again by telling an easily Googlable lie.

Oz claimed he only owns two houses.

Oz actually owns 10 houses, as a simple public records search reveals.

As always, without delay Fetterman took to Twitter to troll Oz for yet another failed attempt to convince voters he's just a normal Pennsylvanian—who lives in a mansion in New Jersey.

See Fetterman's tweet below.

This time, Fetterman used the classic board game Monopoly to drag Oz.

Along with a photo of 10 houses on the "Boardwalk" space on a monopoly board, Fetterman tweeted:

"POV: You are Dr. Oz playing a board game"

This latest chapter in the match-up between Oz and Fetterman was ignited by a video filmed by a Democratic campaigner in which Oz was asked about his real estate holdings.

Asked how many houses he owns, Oz awkwardly responded:

“Legitimately, I own two houses."
“But one of them we're building on, the other ones I rent."

But as several reporters revealed, that isn't even close to true.

As Fetterman pointed out in yet another roast of Oz, seen below, in which he used clips from Family Feud and photos of Oz's residences to drive home his dishonesty.

In fact, Fetterman's video included properties in Maine and Ireland reporters seemed to have missed, which would suggest the total may be closer to a baker's dozen.

Just a regular guy from Pennsylvania.

On Twitter, Fetterman's efforts at exposing Oz left people cheering.

Fetterman has had a commanding lead in the polls for weeks, but since the crudité incident that lead has widened.

A new poll released this week gives Fetterman a whopping 20-point lead over Oz, upping his average lead to 11.5 points.