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Dr. Oz Called Out For Shooting PA Senate Campaign Video From Lavish New Jersey Mansion

Dr. Oz Called Out For Shooting PA Senate Campaign Video From Lavish New Jersey Mansion
@JohnFetterman/Twitter; @DrOz/Twitter

Among the raft of candidates running for Republican Senate seats this fall is controversial former Oprah insider and Trump favorite Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat vacated by Republican Pat Toomey.

His campaign has been plagued with controversy from the start for many reasons, including the fact he does not even live in the state of Pennsylvania.

Oz has lived in neighboring New Jersey for decades but claims to live at the Pennsylvania address he used to register to vote in the state in 2020--which is his wife's parents' house.

A gazillionaire celebrity Senate candidate living with his in-law's is pretty far-fetched. But it became even harder to believe when Oz released a campaign video attacking his Democratic opponent in which he missed a key detail that pokes holes in his story.

His opponent, Democratic Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, did not miss the detail, however. As Fetterman tweeted, Oz seems to have filmed his video surrounded by decor showcased in a 2020 People magazine profile of his mansion--in New Jersey.

Oops. See Fetterman's tweet below.

Along with incriminating screenshots from the People profile, Fetterman wrote:

"Pro tip: don’t film an ad for your PA senate campaign from your mansion in New Jersey."

The video shows Oz standing in front of similar curtains and a bookcase with similar decorations as seen in the profile of his Cliffside Park mansion just outside New York City.

Oz's failed okey-doke quickly upstaged the message of his video, in which he lambasted Fetterman as “put[ting] criminals ahead of the community" and called on Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to resign over comments he made after that city's July 4 shooting.

Oz's gaffe is particularly embarrassing given that it comes just a week after Fetterman released a Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous-style campaign video mocking Oz as an out of touch multi-millionaire.

The video used footage from the very People magazine profile of Oz's New Jersey mansion that produced the incriminating images in the first place. Double oops.

Fetterman's dragging of Oz definitely made waves on Twitter.

Even Oz's New Jersey congressional representative joined in to mock his "North Jersey constituent."

It's not illegal for Oz to run for Senate in Pennsylvania, so long as he doesn't vote in another state. But many, Fetterman included, feel it makes Oz little more than an opportunistic interloper--much like former President Trump, who has endorsed him.