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John Fetterman Expertly Trolls Dr. Oz Over Cringey 'Crudité' Grocery Store Video

John Fetterman Expertly Trolls Dr. Oz Over Cringey 'Crudité' Grocery Store Video
Nate Smallwood/Getty Images; @RonFilipkowski/Twitter

Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has made bank for his campaign by continually casting his Republican opponent, television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, as an out-of-touch gazillionaire celebrity who knows nothing about Pennsylvania.

He's been helped by the fact that Oz isn't even from Pennsylvania, but rather New Jersey, where he still appears to live--in a mansion, no less.

But in recent days Fetterman expertly resurfaced an old cringey video of Oz shopping for "crudité" in a Pennsylvania supermarket, the name of which he completely botched, in order to blame high food prices on Democrats.

And Fetterman has been making him absolutely regret it, pointing out that Emperor Oz has no clothes when it comes to his Pennsylvania bona fides, in a series of tweets that has left the internet howling.

First, Fetterman trolled Dr. Oz for using a fancy French term like "crudité" when the common phrase "veggie tray" was right there for the taking.

Fetterman wrote, "In PA we call this a ... veggie tray," which is really the least of the problems with Oz's absurd video, seen above.

In the video, rather than spend $10 on a veggie tray like a normal person, Oz chooses to gather together an individual head of broccoli, a bag of whole carrots and a bunch of asparagus, of all things--the weirdness of which is only bested by his choice of salsa and guacamole to dip them in.

Cuz you know how regular people folks love to dip asparagus in guacamole. You can't even swing a cat at a backyard barbecue in Pennsylvania without hitting a normie dipping some 'gus in some guac!

Oz then laments that it all costs $20 even though it "doesn't even include the tequila," whatever that means. As TikTok might say, "Tell me you've never been grocery shopping in your life without telling me you've never been grocery shopping in your life."

But that wasn't even the funniest--or saddest, depending on your view--part of Oz's video.

The grocery store he says he's shopping in, Wegner's? It doesn't exist.

Rather, it's most likely a malapropism in which Oz combined the names of two upscale grocery chains that do exist in Pennsylvania: Redner's and Wegmans.

And you know good and darn well Fetterman had a tweet ready for this, too.

Not to mention merch!


For someone who claims to know and love Pennsylvania so deeply, Oz sure seems next-level clueless about the lives of the people who live there.

Fetterman drove that point home by sincerely addressing the issue of food prices in a tweet that name-checked two modestly priced grocery stores that actually do exist in Pennsylvania, as opposed to Oz's made-up fancy one.

On Twitter, Fetterman's tweets drew loud cheers from Pennsylvanians tired of Dr. Oz's disingenuous campaign, who filled his comments with their own trolls of Oz.

And it wasn't just Fetterman trolling Dr. Oz either. A local labor union got in on the game too.

As did activist chef Jose Andres, inviting Dr. Oz to join him for a lesson on how to actually buy groceries.

And someone even created a fake Twitter account for Wegner's that set Dr. Oz straight about "crudité" as well.

You'll be unsurprised to know that Fetterman is thus far wiping the floor (of a Wegner's, obvs) with Dr. Oz in the polls--he currently leads by almost 11 points, and the GOP reportedly just canceled more than $5 million dollars in ad spending for Oz's campaign.