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Comedian Roasts Dr. Oz By Pretending To Be Grocery Store Worker Trying To Help Him Buy 'Crudité'

Comedian Roasts Dr. Oz By Pretending To Be Grocery Store Worker Trying To Help Him Buy 'Crudité'
@RonFilipkowski/Twitter; @kimquindlen/Twitter

Chicago-based comedian Kim Quindlen had social media users in stitches after she posted a video mocking Ohio born New Jersey Republican millionaire and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz and his now-infamous video in which he cluelessly attempted to buy groceries for his wife.

The video, first posted in April, featured Oz shopping in a supermarket for ingredients for crudité and complaining the $20 total for those ingredients was too high.

You can see that original video here:

The video went viral at the time but has taken on new life.

Part of that resurgence is thanks to Quindlen's video, in which she pretends to be a clerk at Redner’s, a real-life Pennsylvania grocery chain Oz misidentifies as “Wegner’s” in his video. Wegman’s and Redner’s are well known grocery chains in the region.

You can see her video below.

Quindlen's video was a hit on social media.

Quindlen's character, attempting to identify crudité, wondered if it's a "medicinal thing" before attempting to let Oz know he can simply mash his own avocados instead of purchasing premade guacamole at a premium.

After asking Oz if he's putting together some kind of "veggie tray," Quindlen's character wondered why he thinks tequila is one of the ingredients before suggesting one of her coworkers would be better suited to assist him.

Many prasied her while taking the opportunity to roast Oz themselves.

The original video turned Oz—whose recent financial disclosure puts his wealth at over $400 million—into even more of a punchline after he blamed Democratic President Joe Biden for the price of groceries and complained a $6 jar of salsa was too expensive.

Oz's video came as many Americans continue to feel the impacts of inflation at the grocery store and at the gas pump. With inflation running high, the Federal Reserve announced plans to raise interest rates in an effort to "pump the brakes" on the economy.

Democrats also introduced and passed the Inflation Reduction Act which Biden signed on August 16, 2022. The law aims to curb inflation by "reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug prices and investing into domestic energy production while promoting clean energy."

Though presidential reputations tend to, as The New York Times once observed, "rise or fall with gross domestic product," a President's economic record is mostly up to chance—"highly dependent on the dumb luck of where the nation is in the economic cycle."