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GOP Candidate Roasted For Saying Gay 'Cruella' Character 'Ruined' His Childhood

GOP Candidate Roasted For Saying Gay 'Cruella' Character 'Ruined' His Childhood

The right wing's annual Pride Month freak-out over the existence of LGBTQ+ people has gotten an early start this year. A Republican congressional hopeful lamented there is a gay character in the new Disney movie Cruella.

GOP politician Omar Navarro—whose previous claim to fame was his Congressional election losing streak—has now also become famous for having a homophobic panic about the character of Artie, which Navarro claimed "ruined [his] childhood."

Unsurprisingly, Navarro's hysterical outcry drew very little sympathy from the internet.

In a tweet posted over the Memorial Day weekend, Navarro was apoplectic about the new Disney film starring Emma Stone as the infamous title character and celebrated British stage actor John McCrea as Artie.

Artie, a gender-bending, Ziggy Stardust-esque presumably gay man, runs Cruella's favorite London vintage clothing shop.

This all seems fairly innocuous, right?

That is, unless you're Omar Navarro, who took to Twitter and talked about Artie as if he were the single greatest personal trauma to ever befall Navarro in all of his 32 years.

Navarro tweeted:

"The new Disney Cruella with Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an openly flamboyant gay in the movie."

"Disney persist shoving the LGBT agenda down our throat."

And they say gay men are dramatic.

It's worth noting Artie's sexuality is never once actually discussed in Cruella. That likely doesn't matter to Navarro, who is perhaps angling for homophobic pearl-clutching to finally deliver him a victory at the ballot box in 2022.

Navarro is once again running for the 43rd District of California's seat in the House of Representatives, where he will challenge incumbent Maxine Waters for the fourth time and, in all likelihood, lose for the fourth time too.

Navarro tried a similar tack back in 2019, when he went ballistic over The Disney Channel including a bisexual character on its show The Owl House. Waters beat him then, too, but maybe a second homophobic freak-out's the charm?

In any case, the internet wasn't having it.

They roasted Navarro to a smoldering crisp.

Aside from panicking about gay people, Navarro also served time for violating a restraining order an ex-girlfriend filed against him.

We wish him all the best in his upcoming run for public office.