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Ohio Man Calls In Bomb Threat To Wrong Ottawa After Being Angry Over Canadian Mask Mandates

Ohio Man Calls In Bomb Threat To Wrong Ottawa After Being Angry Over Canadian Mask Mandates
Kadri Mohamed/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Imagine planning to get yourself involved in another country's politics by committing a felony in two different countries and not taking the time to get even the most basic of details straight first.

It may seem negligent to the point of disbelief, but that is precisely what a 20-year-old right-winger in Ohio did when he tried to join in the anti-mask trucker protests that have taken over the Canadian capital of Ottawa by calling in a bomb threat to Ottawa.

Except he called it in to the wrong Ottawa--the village of Ottawa, Ohio.

The man told authorities his plan was to call in the bomb threat in hopes of distracting Ottawa police from managing the ongoing protests in the city, which has been crippled by some 400 semi-trucks blocking roads in protest of Canada's new vaccine mandates for truckers.

But the man called the wrong Ottawa--not once, but twice according to Captain Brad Brubaker at the Sheriff's Office in Putnam County, Ohio, which is extremely not in Canada.

On the first call, Brubaker said, the man called in the bomb threat. On the second, he told authorities he had been shot, and that's when he found out he'd called the wrong Ottawa.

As Brubaker told The Lima News:

“He wasn’t paying attention and just called the first number he found. He said he was mad about mask mandates.”

Brubaker, who chalked the whole thing up to the man suffering from a "20-year-old dumb attack," was mystified as to how the man didn't realize where he was calling.

"You’d think with him being from Ohio the 419 area code might have rung a bell."

No offense to the right-wing, but it often seems like they're not sending their best people to the front of the culture wars.

And naturally, Twitter has had a field day roasting the guy.

The Sheriff's Office said it will be requesting the Putnam County Prosecutor's office to press charges against the man. All this over a vaccine mandate in a country he doesn't even live in...You hate to see it!