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Woman Stunned To Realize Videographer Inserted Footage From 'The Muppet Movie' Into Her Parents' Wedding Video

Woman Stunned To Realize Videographer Inserted Footage From 'The Muppet Movie' Into Her Parents' Wedding Video
@mollondra / Twitter Hulton Archive / Stringer / Getty Images

Encouraging your wedding videographer to get creative and have some fun just might end up making you Twitter famous.

At least that's what happened to one couple after their daughter posted a clip of their wedding video featuring some adorable, yet uninvited, guests.

Molly Knapp says her parents have always had a silly sense of humor, so nobody was really surprised when they asked their wedding videographer for some quirky little touches. They suggested things like credits for an underwater photographer (nope, none of their wedding happened under any kind of water) and a note that said "read the novelization."

It was pretty clear that they didn't take themselves or the wedding video too seriously. Maybe that's why the videographer felt free to splice in a few "extra shots" for dramatic effect.

The moment the bride walks down the aisle is supposed to be something of a big reveal. Typically, those in attendance will turn to look, stand, maybe gasp a little bit ... but if the crowd reaction isn't quite dramatic enough for your creative vision, you can always pad it a little bit.

Like so:

The videographer didn't ask permission before throwing it in there, but the edit was certainly appreciated... once it was noticed, anyway. See, the couple didn't actually watch the video when it was initially handed over.

That took a while.

Can you imagine sitting down on your first anniversary with your partner, popping in your wedding video to re-live the moment, and being treated to some Muppets grouped in with your wedding guests?

Mr and Mrs Knapp were surprised but absolutely loved it. They also got a kick out of the traction the video got when their daughter shared it on Twitter around their 25th anniversary.

Twitter loved it too.

Relive the 1979 classic The Muppet Movie available here.


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