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New Mom Falls Ill After Her Husband Hid His Symptoms From Hospital Staff In Order To Visit Her In Maternity Ward

New Mom Falls Ill After Her Husband Hid His Symptoms From Hospital Staff In Order To Visit Her In Maternity Ward

A man who was sick with the viral pandemic sweeping the globe hid his symptoms so he could join his pregnant wife in the maternity ward at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York.

Thanks to his transgression, the husband wound up getting his wife sick.

He confessed his potential exposure after his wife began showing signs of the respiratory illness shortly after giving birth.

University of Rochester Medicine spokesperson Chip Partner told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

"The mother became symptomatic shortly after delivering. That's when the significant other admitted his potential exposure and that he was feeling symptomatic."

Partner issued Huffington Post with a statement explaining that none of the staffers involved tested positive for the rapidly spreading respiratory illness.

"One staff member developed symptoms, was quarantined at home, and later tested negative for [the virus]."
"The couple and their baby were asked to quarantine, pending testing results, to protect the community and were discharged from the hospital."

Last week's incident prompted a change on Monday from the University of Rochester Medicine group—which includes Rochester Regional Health.

The UR Group announced that a limited number of visitors would be required to have their temperatures taken as part of an effort to minimize infection.

Previously, visitors were simply asked if they were in proximity with someone having the virus.

If they attested to not being in contact with an infected person and were showing no symptoms themselves, they were allowed in.

Partner continued:

"It was purely an honor system before. Now we're adding the temperature check."

It took a husband putting the lives of his own family and the staff members at risk for the group to adopt a stricter policy.

UR Medicine group already required all staff members, patients and visitors to wear surgical masks in public areas in the facilities.

Many hospitals said they would ban spouses and birthing coaches from the delivery room as a safety precaution against infection.

But on Saturday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced an executive order for hospitals to allow a support person in the maternity room as long as they were healthy.

Maternity staff members were alerted to their possible exposure from the expectant patient and her husband but were allowed to remain and continue with their shifts as long as they were asymptomatic.

Social media users were outraged over the husband's dishonest conduct.

Fever is one of the earliest signs of the respiratory illness.

One staff member exhibited the symptom but test results were negative. The staff member remained in quarantine as an added security measure to make sure she was healthy.

Due to privacy laws, confirmation as to whether the husband, wife, or newborn tested positive for the virus remained confidential.

The incident serves as a reminder of the urgency to be transparent with one's health status during the raging pandemic.

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