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Bizarre Video of Men Fighting on a Train & Then Hugging Emerges Online

When two men start fighting inexplicably on a train in Australia—the outcome is completely unexpected.

We've all seen those pictures of giant Huntsman spiders in Australia clinging to the doorframe of a house, trapping the occupants inside or video footage of a man delivering a right hook to a kangaroo in an effort to free his dog from the kangaroo's clutches. There are tons of memes and entire corners of the internet dedicated to the crazy stuff you only ever see happening in Australia.

On Wednesday, Facebook user, Judita Aku-wei Winter added his video contribution to the Only in Australia canon when he uploaded footage of a fist fight that took place between two men on a commuter train in Sydney, Australia and ended, remarkably, with a hug.

While the beginning of the disagreement is absent from the video and the wee bit of dialogue that occurs directly before the scuffle is pretty unintelligible, one thing is clear—the scruffy looking man in the blue shirt talks a big game but the buttoned up fellow in the pink shirt brings the pain, leaving the man in blue with blood visibly dripping from a cut over his eye.

Winter, who says he likes ". . . to capture the strange occurrences I come across," and posted the video publicly on both Facebook and Youtube in the hopes of getting views, appears to have enjoyed being near the fray, as you can see his smiling face pop into frame a couple times during the melee.

But Winter may no longer be relishing in the footage he took. His video, which has been rapidly gaining views thanks to social media, has folks who know at least one of the two brawling men messaging Winter about it—and the news is not so good.

Things started off decently enough with the usual comments you'd expect on a video of two men fighting that ends with a hug:

Judita Aku-wei Winter/Facebook

Judita Aku-wei Winter/Facebook

Judita Aku-wei Winter/Facebook

But the thread quickly took a turn for the worse when someone claiming to know one of the fighters (a disgruntled ex?) decided to comment:

Judita Aku-wei Winter/Facebook

It wasn't long before Winter himself weighed in on the "the guy in the pink shirt."

Judita Aku-wei Winter/Facebook

Near the end of the video, the man in the pink shirt says:

Look, you had a crack at me first, this is not how I intended my night to go... I'm trying to get home, I have work in the morning,"

And the other man replies:

If you don't mean it, I don't mean it.

These two feisty Australians, who were just madly grappling with one another moments before, then hug it out—their beef effectively squashed.

The takeaway: Australians are just made of something the rest of us aren't.