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Meghan McCain's 'Happy Pride' Tweet Goes Down In Flames As She's Called Out From Both Sides

Meghan McCain's 'Happy Pride' Tweet Goes Down In Flames As She's Called Out From Both Sides
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Meghan McCain is no friend to the LGBTQ+ community.

Why say that?

Though in public she does performative allyship, she has no record to speak of when it comes to the support of queer or trans people. Her husband Ben Domenech is the founder of The Federalist, a right-wing publication with a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ material, most recently anti-trans material.

McCain is a vocal supporter of the Republican Party which has repeatedly included anti-LGBTQ+ statements in their official party platform. There are GOP initiatives being pushed across the United States attacking the rights, health and safety of trans people.

The GOP was also very vocal in their opposition to the Equality Act. Republican leadership also supports non-church affiliated secular public businesses' and healthcare providers' "right" to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people under the 1st Amendment.

So Meghan McCain's "Happy Pride Month!" tweet fell flat.

But Meghan McCain got hate from the conservative side for her tweet.

The people she claims to represent on The View let her know homophobia and transphobia are core beliefs.

The irony the lip-service gets her no support from the left yet earns her backlash from the right is something that has happened to McCain before.

When she tweeted "Stop Asian Hate"—despite stating former President Trump referring to the pandemic as the "China Virus" and "Kung Flu" was not a problem—she got a similar reaction.

Meghan McCain's support for equality will only be believed when her actions every day match her special occasion posts.