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Lil Nas X Offers Some Hilarious Advice To Friends Of LGBTQ+ People To Jump Start Pride Month

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

Happy Pride!

How are you starting off your month of rainbow celebration?

Well, if you're looking for some ideas, look no further than Lil Nas X, who continues to be the funniest person on Twitter.

Nas tweeted in order to celebrate Pride, he would be "having sex with 100 lucky fans to celebrate" and then advised friends of the LGBTQ+ community to go a step further than their normal support for their friends.

You can see his tweets here:

While some fans were focused on his first offering...

Others answered the call to give their LGBTQ+ friends all of their money.

Some weren't convinced right away, but with some gentle prodding from community members, they eventually saw the light.

Nas also continued his jokes on other prominent posts about Pride.

Nas has also hinted at doing "something special" for "homosexual month," though nobody is very clear what that might be yet.

But if you want to do something special for homosexual month, send all your LGBTQ+ friends your money.

We're just saying what Nas said.