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Meghan McCain Just Asked LeVar Burton About Dr. Seuss And 'Cancel Culture'—And His Response Is Everything

Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images

On a recent episode of The View, Meghan McCain asked guest LeVar Burton about "cancel culture," a sore spot for many conservative Americans.

McCain asked:

"We have talked on the show about the decision by the Dr. Seuss estate to discontinue six of his books."
"What do you think of that decision and about the cancel culture surrounding works of art or artists that are controversial?"

Burton surprised McCain with his succinct but well-thought-out response.

Burton began his answer by speaking about Dr. Seuss (whose books are widely available for purchase:

"Dr. Seuss is more than a company that decided to put a couple of books on the shelf."
"That man, Theodor Geisel, is responsible for generations of wholesome, healthy, wonderful and imaginative, creative content for children of all ages. And so, I think we need to put things in perspective."

Burton then laid out how he thought "cancel culture" is a misnomer.

"In terms of cancel culture, I think it's misnamed."
"I think we have a consequence culture."
"And that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in the society, whereas they haven't been ever in this country."

Burton concluded by saying:

"And I think it has everything to do with a new awareness by people who were simply unaware of the real nature of life in this country for people who have been othered since this nation began."

Twitter poured praise on Burton for his answer.

Levar Burton has been back in the public spotlight ever since his upcoming stint guest-hosting Jeopardy! was announced.

Burton continues his reign as one of America's most wise role models.