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Meghan McCain's Defense Of Trump's 'China Virus' Slur Resurfaces After Her 'Stop Asian Hate' Message

Meghan McCain's Defense Of Trump's 'China Virus' Slur Resurfaces After Her 'Stop Asian Hate' Message
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The conversation surrounding hate crimes aimed at Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) people amplified following the horrific shooting deaths of six Asian women at the hands of a White domestic terrorist in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday night.

The nation is engaging in a movement to stop Asian hate—something even conservative commentator Meghan McCain of The Viewhas amplified.

But her past statements may spoil her present action.

After she shared her seemingly well-intentioned message, several influencers and other users pointed out not so long ago McCain was caught defending former President Donald Trump's hateful language.

Many pointed to the constant rhetoric from the right as a direct cause of the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. Rhetoric like calling the viral pathogen behind the global pandemic the "China Virus", "Kung Flu" and other racist slurs.

"I agree with you that I think if the left wants to focus on P.C. labeling this virus, it is a great way to get Trump re-elected," McCain said on an early-pandemic 2020 episode of The View.

"I don't have a problem with people calling it whatever they want. It's a deadly virus that did originate in Wuhan."

Though she said "That doesn't mean that we should be, in any way, stereotyping" Asian people, she still doubled down on the thought calling the virus the "China Virus" was "effective."

"I don't have a problem with it, and I think China, had they acted right away, and we had more access to information, maybe it wouldn't have gotten to the place that it is."

McCain has not commented on her past transgression and has continued to advocate against racism toward Asian people—which, while appreciated, her critics say does not absolve her of the microaggression that contributed toward anti-Asian racism.

Hopefully, she has seen the criticism and will deal with it appropriately.